The year just started, but we're already spotting new trends! Here are 5 fab jewelry trends:
1. Mixing gold and silver jewelry. Don't be afraid to mix and match your gold and silver jewelry for a look that's as unique as you are! We've seen this trend starting to happen already and we're hooked!

2. Get ready for abstract and sculptural designs:

Brace yourself for a wave of jewelry that breaks the mold. Say goodbye to traditional shapes and hello to quirky, three-dimensional masterpieces. These pieces are more than just accessories - they're wearable art!

For this trend, check out our Kukei Necklace or Mizu Necklace

3. Biophilic Design:
Inspired by nature, biophilic design in jewelry may involve incorporating organic shapes, textures, and materials. Designs mimicking leaves, petals, or other natural elements could be popular. Taking this trend to the next level, we have to highlight our Orchid Necklaces. Made of actual orchid flowers, it doesn't get more real than this! Shop here:

4. Chunky and layered jewelry. More is more!
Lage rings, chunky bangles, necklaces layered. 

In 2024, the mantra is clear: more is more when it comes to chunky and layered jewelry. This trend empowers individuals to embrace their creativity, pile on the accessories, and make a captivating statement with their jewelry. It's a celebration of self-expression and individuality.


5. Mixed-Media Jewelry:
Experimenting with various materials in a single piece of jewelry is a growing trend. This could involve combining metals, textiles, and unconventional materials like ceramics or acrylic to create unique and eye-catching accessories. The mix of different textures and materials adds an element of surprise and creativity to jewelry designs. Like our glass pendant jewelry :

or our ceramic rose necklaces .


To sum it up,
Keep in mind that trends can be affected by all sorts of things, like cultural shifts, fancy new gadgets, and what people think is important. The jewelry biz is always changing, so these predictions are just some wild guesses about where things might go in the future!


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