Huggie earrings are super comfortable earrings - they hug your ear, which is where the name comes from.

Other than being more comfortable, no more getting your hair stuck in your earrings. No more pain when talking on the phone!

Also, huggie earrings tend to look more seamless, since the design is circular. This is great if you're wearing your hair up or have short hair, so the back of your ears are visible !

Steps to Adjust Your Huggie Posts

1) Pull out a pair of pliers or your nails.

2) Note where your huggie post is notched. This tells you which direction it will lock into the back of the earring.

3) Slowly close your huggie in front of you, and see if the notch is too low to come in contact with the back of the earring.

4) Use your needle nose pliers to grasp the post.

5) Grasp the front section of your huggie between your fingers.

6) Grasp the post with your needle-nose pliers.

7) Slowly and gently lift the post up a tiny bit.

8) Test the closure to see if it now clicks.

9)Repeat the process until the notch clicks properly into the back of the huggie earring.

It may take a number of tries to get the adjustment just right.

Always use slow and gentle movements so as not to snap off the post.


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